16 men who went to the hairdresser for the first time in years

While most people go to the hairdresser every couple of months, there are some men who simply can't stand having their locks trimmed. However, there comes a point when even the most defiant have to give in, usually after several years of resistance. So what do you think — do they look better before or after their trip to the barber?

1. He finally decided to go to the hairdresser after his rock band split up.


2. It looks like two different people.

3. From wild and untamed to sharp and sleek.


4. It took years for him to grow his hair that long and only minutes to cut it all away.


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5. From student to professor.


6. The things you can hide under a beard and long hair.

7. After 11 years of growing dreadlocks, the hairdresser had his work cut out for him.


8. He donated his golden locks to a cancer foundation.


9. His facial expression afterward is certainly better.


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10. The new job called for a fresh style. 


11. A hairdresser with a good heart: this man was treated to a decent haircut after several months of living on the streets.


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12. His impressively long hair was six years in the making. After a trip to the barber, he donated his braid to a charity.  


13. What a transformation!

14. Probably the most radical change in his life.


15. From teenager to young adult.


16. A change of style and donating the hair to a good cause.


As the following examples show, a trip to the hairdresser takes quite some courage for some. Hopefully these men haven't regretted the choices they made!




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